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Breaking Java Random PRNG: UYBHYS 2022 challenge Writeup

A little challenge was introduced on twitter to win a ticket to Unlock Your Brain 2022 conference. This article is a write-up of the solution and explores the implementation of Java Random PRNG. Disclaimer: I am not a cryptographic expert, just a security enthousiast. The conference The conference Unlock Your Brain Harden Your System aka “Unlock” or #UYBHYS is organized since 2015 by the Cantine numérique Brest and DIATEAM in Brest (France). Read more →

Vincent MICHEL (@darkpills)

I work as a pentester in a cyber security company. This blog aims at sharing my thoughts and experiments on different topics if it can help otheres: web and internal penetration tests, vulnerability research, write-ups, exploit development, security best practices, tooling, and so on... I previously worked as a senior software developer and switched to this wonderfull land of security :)